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James Roberson 

"Painted Face Religion" 

Mixtape Series 

Mark 11:1-14

Jesus called Pharisees hypocrites, but at that time hypocrites were what we would understand as mimes. People who paint emotions on their faces to create a look for other people.

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Chris Travis 

"Something Better Than Happiness" 

Mixtape Series 

1 Kings 19:1-7 

What makes life worth living? The pursuit of happiness is fine, so far as it goes. But happiness comes and goes. If happiness is the point, where does that leave us when tragedy strikes? A bad diagnosis, an economic downturn, a painful divorce, a betrayal. Everyone faces hardship eventually. What makes it worth it? In the life of Elijah, in his darkest moments of despair, God gives a glimpse of something even better than happiness.

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Bryan Loritts: Patience


Bryan Loritts


James 5

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Mike Kelsey: Psalm 23


Mike Kelsey 

Psalm 23

Mixtape Series


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