Renaissance Church NYC

Teaching from Renaissance Church NYC, a church in Harlem, NY. We are a diverse community of people who follow Jesus and love our neighborhood. Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Episodes Date

02/16/2020  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 7:1-9 
February 16, 2020
2/9/20  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 6:60-70  Being a disciple is an on-going shaping and molding by God. It can certainly be hard, slow and even frustrating sometimes. Jesus wants us to “stick with...
February 9, 2020
02/02/2020  Aswan Morris  John Series  John 5:1-9 Sometimes we are in situations in life where we feel hopeless. We actually don’t believe that we can change nor can the situation. When Jesus visits t...
February 2, 2020
01/26/2020  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 6:1-15  Our little placed in the hands of the savior is enough.
January 26, 2020
01/19/2020  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 4:46-54  The ruler didn't have any proof that what Jesus said would come true, but he took Him for His word and in doing so was able to experience God's work...
January 19, 2020
01/12/2020  Jordan Rice  John Series John 4:27-42 Evangelism is leaving behind what you had and telling people you found something better.
January 12, 2020
01/05/2020  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 4:1-26  In this interaction, Jesus shows us the source of the true source of power to change, and what it means to have and cultivate a truly spiritual life....
January 5, 2020
12/22/2019  Aswan Morris  The Gift of God  Romans 6:23
December 23, 2019
12/15/19 Jordan Rice Real Hope Matthew 1:1-17 Correctly understood, the arrival of Jesus brings us hope. The life-shaping certainty about the future that God is with us and for us.
December 15, 2019
12/8/2019  Jordan Rice  John Series  John 3:22-30  Contentment is having peace with where God has you, trusting in His character and his nature.
December 8, 2019

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