Renaissance Church NYC

Teaching from Renaissance Church NYC. A church in Harlem, NY; a diverse community of people who follow Jesus and love our neighborhood. Connecting people to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Episodes Date

08/12/2018 Chris Travis "Identity in the Digital Age" James 2:1-5
August 12, 2018
08/05/2018 Jordan Rice Romans 8 Series "God's Sovereignty" Romans 8:28
August 6, 2018
7/29/2018 Lawrence Adjah Romans 8 Series "Praying with the Spirit's Help" Romans 8:26-27 God, the Father, anticipates our weaknesses and gives us the Holy Spirit to help us along the way.
July 30, 2018
07/22/2018 Jordan Rice Romans 8 Series Hope in Suffering We can endure anything if we have the right expectation of what's on the other side. In this passage of scripture, we explore the right expecta...
July 22, 2018
7/15/18 Aswan Morris Romans 8 Series "Assurance of Salvation" Romans 8:14-17
July 15, 2018
07/08/2018 Jordan Rice Romans 8 Series "Putting Sin to Death" A Christian’s obligation is to live out the righteousness that Christ has given to them. Romans 8:11-13
July 9, 2018
07/01/2018 Lester Kim Romans 8 Series "Life in the Spirit" Romans 8:5-11
July 1, 2018
6/24/18 Jordan Rice Romans 8 "No Condemnation" Romans 8:1-4
June 24, 2018
06/18/2018 Jordan Rice True & Better: Finding Christ in the Old Testament "Gideon" Judges 7:1-8 From God’s perspective, self-reliance is a greater danger to you than any opposing army.
June 18, 2018
06/10/2018 Lawrence Adjah True & Better: Finding Christ in the Old Testament "Ruth" Ruth 1:1-18 At every point in scripture, God relates to people in Covenants. In this message we explore the mea...
June 11, 2018

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