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True & Better: Esther

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2018_05_20 Jordan Rice

True & Better: Finding Christ in the Old Testament Esther 4:5-17

Anyone who represents themselves has a fool for a client'. In this message we explore what it means to have Jesus as our advocate.

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True & Better: Adam

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2018_05_13 Lester Kim

True & Better: Finding Christ in the Old Testament Genesis 3:1-24

God's love for us doesn't start in a manger in the book of Matthew, but at the very start of Genesis. The whole bible is a gift to us revealing who God is in the person of Jesus. The story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3 and all of the Old Testament is a story that reveals Jesus and the hope and promise we have in him.

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2018_05_06 James Roberson

What is in your Hand? Exodus 3:1-10

God encounters Moses in the burning bush and places in him the seed of his calling. This message addresses the significance of God's calling and how God uses the seemingly ordinary things and places in your life to shape you.

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Mike Kelsey

"Walking with God, Psalm 1"

Walking with God is the way to live a fulfilled life.

Psalm 1:1-6

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